Why I’m Traveling To Ecuador (Part 1)

A Birder’s Paradise
No other country in the world has as many bird species in such a small land area. With a list of over 1,630 species, Ecuador ranks fourth in the world in bird diversity. Fourteen species are found only within the boundaries of Ecuador.
Moreover,  Ecuador holds  the world’s top two Endemic Bird Areas  (EBAs), the Choco  and Tumbesian, within a short  distance from each other.  Nowhere else  in the world are  such  distinct bird species in such  close  proximity. The Choco  is best  accessed from Quito and  in a one-week trip you can  see over 300 species. The main birding areas in the Choco  are  the Tandayapa Valley, Mindo Valley, Milpe Bird Reserve, Rio Silanche Bird Reserve and the Canande region of far Northwest Ecuador.

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2 Responses to Why I’m Traveling To Ecuador (Part 1)

  1. sheri says:

    Looking forward to the additional parts… Birds are nice, but not a strong enough case to take the risks you pointed out on previous posts. IMO, of course,

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