The Albatross Airport (Espanola Island, Galapagos)

Why the Waved Albatross chose this island for a nesting ground is obvious at first site. Being the oldest of the Island chain Espanola is the flattest of the islands. So it resembles a giant aircraft carrier. For a giant bird with an enormous wingspan like an Albatross. It’s a natural choice.


This is the only place in the world the Waved Albatross is known to nests.


They lay a single egg and hatch a single chick. It takes constant attention by both parents to raise a young one to fledge. They travel up to 60 miles a day to gather food for the young chick.



They only visit this piece of land once every 5 years or so to bread. They spend the rest of there entire life at sea far from the site of land. This was an incredible place to visit.


With a 7.2 foot wing span. These birds are a wonder to watch take off, land and fly. What an incredible bird.


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